Service Overview

Sometimes, only a qualified data protection, privacy, technology, commercial contracts and cybersecurity lawyer will do. We believe that our clients should never struggle to access integrated and seamless legal advice and regulatory support. PrivacySolved has created direct access to a separate, but highly integrated legal and regulatory expertise, which can be used alone or in combination with any other PrivacySolved service.

How do we support?

In most cases, the same project leader will co-ordinate both streams of work for the client. Clients can use a lawyer or access legal and regulatory support to:

  • Negotiate complex international data processing agreements
  • Review supply chain and vendor data and security compliance
  • Respond to personal data and cybersecurity breaches (and gain legal protection for correspondence and documents)
  • Make representations and liaise with data protection regulators
  • Seek legal advice about a foreign data protection regulator
  • Respond to consultations on sector codes and draft laws
  • Create Binding Corporate Rules and resolve complex global risks
  • Seek legal advice and legal representation for regulatory investigations, arbitration, mediation or litigation.