Our Partners & Affiliations

Through our years of experience we have continuously developed and built up our partnerships and affiliations. This allows us to provide our clients with continued up to date knowledge and expertise.

Our industry is ever changing and we strive to ensure that we are well trained and developed to industry standards to offer our clients the best support available.

Cybersecurity Leadership and Collaboration

We help companies and organisations create a seamless collaboration between Senior Leadership, the Board, Chief Executive, Chief Information Officer, Chief Data Officer, Chief Information Security Officer and Data Protection Officer, to ensure that Cybersecurity, Data Protection and Privacy form part of a single corporate conversation, risk-approach and responses.

We help our clients to:

  • Establish and develop cybersecurity strategies and policies
  • Introduce corporate cybersecurity training and cyber war games
  • Develop and mature data breach planning and improve the recording and management of data breaches and near misses
  • Review and test supply chain cybersecurity compliance

Effective Data Breach Response

When a data breach occurs, PrivacySolved can step-in to help clients deal with the direct and indirect impacts. We can strengthen the client’s existing team or provide a standing team of mixed expertise to contain, assess, notify, respond and remediate the data breach. We provide data protection expertise, technical IT skills, legal skills, PR and other relevant external skills and expertise.

Expert Knowledge of the Regulators

We are highly effective at liaising with Data Protection Regulators, around the world, and fully representing our clients, when they need us the most. We respond to data breaches in any time zone, around the world.