Our Partners & Affiliations

Through our years of experience we have continuously developed and built up our partnerships and affiliations. This allows us to provide our clients with continued up to date knowledge and expertise.

Our industry is ever changing and we strive to ensure that we are well trained  and developed to industry standards to offer our clients the best support available.

Data Protection & Cybersecurity Strategy

We help companies and organisations to establish data protection and cybersecurity strategy, engage with the Boards of Directors, empower senior leaders and drive adoption.

We directly support Chief Information Officers, Chief Information Security Officers, Chief Privacy Officers and Data Protection Officers. We help companies establish and mature privacy offices, privacy and data protection programmes and privacy teams.

We review, test and update cybersecurity strategies, standards, policies, procedures and data breach response processes.

Working with Growth Centres, R&D and Innovation Hubs

We work closely with an organisation’s digital growth centres, innovation hubs, research and development, corporate IT and corporate security to imbed Privacy by Design, Privacy by Default, security engineering and privacy engineering.

We also benchmark organisations against their sector’s norms, encourage privacy and cybersecurity as a key differentiator in the marketplace and produce reports and analyses.  Our work also includes:

  • Audits
  • Training
  • Awareness Building
  • Toolkits