Client Need

The United Kingdom’s decision to leave the European Union in 2016 has caused governments to seek practical ways to prepare themselves, their regional governments, state institutions, semi-state bodies, quangos, national and international supply chains, businesses and communities to tackle the challenges to data flows, data protection, global privacy norms, supply chain security and cybersecurity.

This government asked PrivacySolved to create an external advisory service for itself and over 100 public sector organisations, of various sizes and complexities to prepare them for Brexit.

PrivacySolved Solutions

PrivacySolved established a bespoke small team of data protection, supply chain data and cybersecurity specialists to provide an external service, accessible by telephone and email. The team gathered intelligence from the UK, Ireland, France, Netherlands, the European Union, United States and around the word to identify risks, trends, challenges and opportunities for data flows. These insights fed into every contact with the more than 100 bodies.

PrivacySolved provided short answers, directed organisations to published resources, provided detailed opinions, updated legal advice, prepared negotiation playbooks for supplier engagement and helped the organisations to agree, set and review priorities. PrivacySolved also offered its innovative Legal and Regulatory Support service by combining the services of a law firm into the service offerings so that all advice, consulting and support was fully integrated, in-depth, legally robust and seamless.


This government and its 100 organisations we given insights, advice and tools to:

  • Identify, scope and clearly quantity the data risks and opportunities created by Brexit
  • Prioritise data risks and opportunities, calculate compliance costs and seek funding
  • Renegotiate and update data flows with suppliers and stakeholders at minimal cost
  • Reduce Brexit planning costs to government, taxpayers, businesses and suppliers