Client Need

A UK FTSE 15 Bank with over 30 million customers spanning corporate financial services, retail banking, insurance, mortgage lending, wealth management, credit cards and fintech operations needed to improve the customer journeys of its13 million online and mobile device users and to review its multi-brand global marketing strategy to better comply with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), ePrivacy, Cookies rules and increase customer personalisation.

PrivacySolved Solutions

PrivacySolved added data protection and business analyst resources to work in partnership with the bank’s security, privacy, information governance and marketing teams. PrivacySolved set up and chaired an internal Customer Data Working Group of key brands and stakeholders.

The Group partnered with two internal research and development hubs to recommend data privacy-enhancing changes to online and offline customer journeys. The Group commissioned trials, tested features and recommended solutions for group-wide adoption. PrivacySolved fed into the extensive change project for marketing including rationalising various global legal options, producing GDPR-marketing gap analysis and performing sector analysis of viable options.


The bank received expert direction, analysis and an established internal forum to:

  • Scope the problems, set goals, identify gaps and improve customer data journeys
  • Use the Working Group’s multi-disciplinary output to lead, engage and embed change
  • Improve data quality, privacy by design, user engagement and customer retention
  • Maximise return on investment of marketing budgets and reduce compliance risks