Client need

One of the world’s largest technology companies which operates in over 250 locations worldwide suffered a series of data breaches in a complex supply chain with a key client. The technology company needed to boost its breach analysis and response capabilities including data privacy rules interpretation, legal and regulatory support and supply chain communication support.

Advantages of Project

PrivacySolved added data protection and cybersecurity resources to the service delivery and data breach response teams. PrivacySolved’s resources helped to review and identify the range and types of personal data and high-risk commercial data exposure by working with the Chief Information Officer’s technical and forensic teams and interpret their findings.

PrivacySolved provided Data Protection Offer and legal support resources to interpret and apply the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), identify breach triggers, timelines, mandatory reporting between all data controllers and data processors and clarify whether to inform the regulator and individuals affected. PrivacySolved worked with the supply chain delivery team to assess communications channels and finesse the content and frequency of communication between all stakeholders.


The technology company was supported and empowered to:

  • Identify and clearly quantity the scope and risks created by the data breach
  • Apply GDPR and cybersecurity norms to the complex and dynamic ecosystem
  • Effectively contain the breach and reduce future breach-risk with no loss of service
  • Strengthen supply chain relationships via active astute stakeholder communication